The boats are situated at Pier 5 in the harbour in Hanstholm. For gps they are located right across from Fibigersgade 10, 7730 Hanstholm.

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  • M/S Mølboen, M/S Yellow Reef and M/S Bonito, sail from Hanstholm to “The Yellow Reef” everyday from the middle of March to the middle of October.
  • Accommodation 3 min. from the harbor -
  • Shipwreck/special tours can be arranged by prior agreement.
  • If you are not too keen on filleting your own fish, we can arrange for this to be done for you.
  • Ikke egnet for børn under 12 år
  • Children under the age of 15 only with an adult

Good advice before starting out

  • Overvej om du fysisk er i stand til at gennemføre en hel dag på havet.
  • If you are unsure as to whether or not you have sea legs, take a seasick tablet 1 - 2 hours before your trip or wear an anti-seasickness patch, or else your whole day can be ruined if you start to feel poorly on board.
  • Wear sensible clothing, bring waterproofs if possible.
  • Most fishing is done using 200-500 g jigs as well as snoods, rubber and octopus rigs.
  • Use a good jig rod, multi-reel and 0.60 nylon line or 0.35-0.45 spun line.
  • If it’s your first time fishing at the reef and you don’t particularly want to invest in a whole lot of expensive gear, you can hire tackle on board and jigs can be purchased.
  • Ask the crew if you need help.
  • Most fishing takes place at a depth of 30-150 m.
  • All persons between the ages of 18 and 65 must have a fishing license
    Unfortunately we will no longer be able to sell fishing licenses on our boats in the future. The Danish Fisheries Authority excludes this possibility. You must therefore buy a fishing license yourself online.
    Fishing licenses can only be purchased 30 days before use.
    On the home page it is possible to change the language to German or English by clicking on the flag at the top.
    Pris: dagskort 46 kr., ugekort 150 kr. og årskort 214 kr.


Everyday from 5 or 6 a.m. til about 4 or 5 p.m. ca. 16.00 / 17.06

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