The Yellow Reef

Some say that it is windy 300 days a year in West Jutland and when it’s not windy there’s a storm blowing.

We wouldn’t say it was as bad as that, but it does pay to treat the sea with respect.

Rest assured that if a trip is cancelled, it’s not because the skipper is looking for a day off, but due to weather conditions, which can cause great problems and lead to many cancellations along the West Coast.

You will get your money back if the trip is canceled. We are also helpful in finding a new date where we then hope the weather is better.

The distance to the Yellow Reef is about 1½ – 2 hours sailing.

The Yellow Reef is a high plateau area on the edge of the Norwegian Deep.

The whole area is about 150 km long and on average 20 km wide.

The part of the Yellow Reef that is fished most from Hanstholm is about 60 km long.

Throughout the entire season the catch is mainly cod, but also pollack lythes, lings and coalfish etc. It is not unusual to land fish over 20 kg.

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