Mette K. Christensen
  • Mette is the co-owner of Rederiet Gule Rev ApS
  • She is your contact person, whether you call or write.
  • In the event of a cancelled tour, Mette can help you find a replacement date.
  • Mette will help you “sell” your spot on the boat if you cannot attend due to illness, unexpected events or similar.
  • Accounting, advertisement, staff, preparation for guests  in the house, coordination of sailtrips and accommodation, is also her area of responsibility.
  • Speaks Danish aswell as German and English.



Henrik Dissing
  • Henrik is the co-owner of Rederiet Gule Rev ApS
  • Henrik started on the seafarer school when he finished public school. He stayed on land and became a smith and later on plumber.
  • He is an angler and has had his own boat for several years.
  • Henrik will sail as a backup incase any of the staff needs a day off.
  • Everything concerning the boats is also Henriks responsibility.
  • Lastly Henrik takes care of all the practial things on land.



kimKim Guldhammer
  • Skipper on M/S Bonito
  • Kim used to be a fisherman and knows the waters around Hanstholm very well and will some times take you to his secret spots where you can catch the really big fish.




hugoHugo Pedersen
  • Helper on M/S Bonito
  • Hugo is a very good helper with a lot of experience.
  • He is very enthusiastic about sport fishing and will help out beginners as well as the experienced sport fisher if they have any questions or doubts.




Ole-KlimOle Klim
  • Has been the skipper on M/S Yellow Reef for several years.
  • Ole has been working as a fisherman for many years and knows the sea around Hanstholm very well.




Jesper Myhre Christensen
  • Skipper on M/S Yellow Reef
  • Jesper has been working as a fisherman and knows the sea around Hanstholm very well.





Nicho Hansen
  • Nicho Hansen is helper on M/S Yellow Reef.
  • He is a trained fisherman





Johnny Holm
  • Johnny Holm is skipper på M/S Mølboen
  • He has for many years been sailing on the sea beyond Hanstholm





pallePalle Heimann
  • Helper on M/S Mølboen
  • Palle started in 2012.
  • He enjoys sport fishing and is good at helping the guest on board.